Monday, November 10, 2008

Cool Finds: Table Topics

As a bride or party hostess you have little time to "mingle" , help your guests get to know each other with these ultra-cool "table-topics" cubes. Each cube contains 135 conversation starters such as "what person in your family do you look like most?" and "If your pet could answer three questions , what would you ask?". With over 15 topics to choose from , everyone will have something to say! Each category of cubes comes in a different color , so if you are planning a wedding they can easily coordinate! A favorite topic of mine is "Girl's Night Out" , this topic would be perfect for Bridal Showers and Birthdays , your friends will be spilling the beans about questions like "Which celebrity would you like to date?" and so many more "girl talk" questions. Topics available range from "Family" , "Gourmet" to "Book Clubs"...the possibilities are endless...and your conversations will be as well! Available at Table Topics for $25.00 each. Check out "Table Topics to Go" as well , 40 cards each and under $10.00 each.

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Lauren said...

I can't believe that I happened to read this post today, the timing is perfect. This Saturday my sister got engaged during one of our infamous family game nights, and it involved this very game! My soon to be brother in law wanted to propose in a unique way and he also knew that my very suspicious sister would suspect any romantic solo date type scenario, so after much thought he gathered the family together and added a "special question card" that asked "If you could ask any one question to anyone in history, who would it be, and what would you ask them?" After we each gave our own attempt at an answer, he went last asking my sis to marry him! So sorry for the long post, it was just such a special day for our family and I couldn't believe the timing!!

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