Thursday, November 20, 2008

Style: To Veil or Not to Veil

Via: Celebrity Weddings 411

When it comes to weddings, some celebrities will surprise you with styles you have never seen...after all, they are trendsetters. While other celebrities tend to be more traditional.

But when it comes to being a bride, veil or no veil? I don't think I have been to a "civilian" wedding where the bride hasn't worn a veil. But in the celebrity world, veils sometimes aren't necessary.

Here's a look at some who chose not to wear a veil, and some celebrities who shocked us by wearing a veil and looking very traditional. (And there is one, what was she thinking with that head piece and veil...I am sure you will be able to spot it!)

Tori Spelling without a veil in 2006 (

Punk Princess Avril Lavigne opted for a traditional gown and veil in 2006 (InStyleWeddings)

Rebecca Romijn went veil-less at her outdoor wedding to Jerry O'Connell in 2007 (
Katherine Heigl chose a mini veil for her January 2008 wedding to Josh Kelley (OK!Magazine)
Pink went for a black ribbon to match her dress instead of the traditional veil at her 2006 wedding to Cary Hart (
Celine Dion's veil attached to her 7-pound tiara at her 1994 wedding. (Oh, the 90's!
Pictured at top: Catherine Zeta-Zones opting for a veil (

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