Monday, January 12, 2009

Muse Board: Pink & Brown

Seersucker Pink Tailored Dress: Martha Stewart
Dance Bridal Shoes: Franco Sarto $85
Maids: Wool Pea Coat, Delia's $79.50
H81 Lily Stripe Skirt, Forever21 $24.50
Sneakers, Converse: $45
Food: Amy Atlas Dessert Buffets, seen on HWTM Blog
Ring: Titanium with Asian Pink Coral Inlay, $295
Clutch: Silk Paisley Clutch, $68
Maternity: For those in your wedding party that will be ungrateful you planned our wedding in the middle of their pregnancy! IsabellaOliver $122
Flowers: Orchid


Cyd said...

I love that rum pink dress! Pink and brown is always so pretty and romantic in my book, I love it.

Sarah said...

Oh I love that cake! It's soo pretty.

Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Pink and brown will forever be one of my most favorite color combinations. Thanks for posting!

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