Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muse Board: Shabby Chic Wedding

Source: Brenda's Wedding Blog

Image Credits and Resources:

Hand-tied Bouquet from, Knobstopper Vintage Wine Bottle Stopper from Green Feet, Bride and Groom with Lanterns from Bridal Cheek, Cupcake Tier from Zalita's flickr gallery, Floral Toile Wedding Invitation from The Green Kangaroo, Table Setting from, Rose Centerpiece from Matthew Mead Style, Beaded Waist Silk Gown from Nordstrom, Votive Candle Holder from Matthew Mead Style, Finger Bowls from Matthew Mead Style, Raspberry Pie from, Raspberry Jam Favors from Southern Weddings


Kristy Huston Photography said...

Love it!!

Hannah Noel said...

I LOVE that cupcake stand!

Anonymous said...

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