Saturday, February 7, 2009

John Mayer Twitters a Jennifer Aniston Engagement

Not FunnyJohn!.. well maybe a little.. :o)

John Mayer recently decided to screw with bloggers and gossip columnists everywhere by writing a Twitter post about getting engaged to girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. No, Mayer hasn't confused us into really thinking he's getting engaged, but he sure has figured out a way to annoy the hell out of us. Which would be news if he hadn't already figured that out countless times over. Isn't this also the sort of stunt that Jennifer Aniston hates, and that led to their break-up the first time around? Don't doubt your instincts, Jen. You were definitely right, it sucks when your boyfriend pulls lame stunts like this one.

On Friday, John Mayer wrote on his Twitter account, "Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin." On Saturday he added, "Welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend." We'd like to take a moment to ponder how it makes Jennifer Aniston feel that her boyfriend finds the idea of getting engaged to her so hilarious and outrageous, that he's writing fake Twitter posts about it. We can only imagine it does wonders for an aging, desperate to appear happy and satisfied actress's self-esteem.

In Aniston's recent GQ interview, (we remember it vaguely...something about a tie...naked), when John Mayer's blogging habits were brought up by the interviewer, Aniston cut him off and noted that Mayer hadn't been blogging lately. When the interviewer conceded that she was right, and asked why not, Aniston said, "things change."

No, apparently they don't. Writing a Twitter post about your relationship is still writing a post about your relationship. And making a video of yourself taking shots at Brad Pitt (John Mayer did that too), also counts as talking about your relationship. And if Mayer finds communicating with the press about his private life too irresistibly fun to stop doing it...well maybe there's not enough fun happening in his private life? We're just giving you some food for thought, Jennifer. Who are we kidding? We're just giving you eight glasses of wine for thought!

{Source: Actress Archives}

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Jennifer said...

John Mayer is so weird and yet so cute! :)

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