Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crinoline Fun: The Wedding Cabaret on Etsy

I've been kept quite busy with my Etsy Shop! Here's a collage of the lovely dyed crinolines!


Alison Conklin said...

i love these so much - i keep toying with the idea of ordering one just so i can photograph it!

Chic Maps by Nikki said...

I have always loved brides who wore the a-typical colored shoes on their wedding day, but what a great alternative!!! I will definitely have one of these on my BIG day :)

All-American Preppy said...

oh, I LOVE it! I wish I had colored crinolines under my wedding gown!!

Ally -- Onyx & Alabaster said...

this is one of my only regrets about the wedding: that I didn't have my crinoline dyed.

I opted for the royal purple shoes instead... if I'm ever in need of colored crinoline, I'm stopping by! :o)

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