Friday, March 13, 2009

Engagement Shoot: Tiffany & Danny

Photography: Ben Blood

Short Snippet from Ben Blood the Photographer

I was really excited when I first met Tiffany and Danny to find out that they were going into a tattoo parlor in place of engagement rings. This is Tiffany getting a tattoo. What makes this even more significant is that Danny is a tattoo artist and this is his first time apprenticing in this tattoo parlor.

In Danny’s words, “. . . it was a historic moment. I realized you didn’t know QUITE how historic! Aside from our engagement it happened to be my first day apprenticing at that tattoo parlor. I’ve wanted to be a tattoo artist for a long time and have finally managed to pull it off. The moment when I put my first tattoo on my fiancee is probably one of the most important of my life…”


A said...

Woo! Tiffany is a risk taker! :)

Ha, the word verification right now is "punish."

Bsquared Bride said...

They are the coolest. Love it.


That is so awesome! I LOVE it!!!

Teresa said...

too cool for school. love these shots.

Raven said...

I love that she did this...and that they did this together since it means so much to him. Too bad the tattoo is sort of unattractive though. :(

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