Thursday, April 9, 2009

Groom Style: Tuxedo Glossary

Essential Wedding Guide - glossary

This is a very formal daytime option, also called a morning suit. The jacket has one single button and a wide, long back tail that ends at about the knee. The cutaway is worn with striped trousers and usually an ascot.

This is really another word for a tuxedo jacket, but these days it is usually used to refer to a white jacket that is cut like a tuxedo. The white dinner jacket looks dashing in warm weather, paired with black formal trousers.

This style has two sets of buttons down the front. This jacket can't be worn unbuttoned, often making it a less popular choice.

The lapels on this most common style of coat have a subtle inward notch at the point where the collar and the lapels meet.

This is a more pronounced style of the notch lapel: The lapels extend in a point on the chest.

The collar on this jacket subtly curves around the neck and down the jacket.

This style has one set of buttons on the front of the jacket and suits most men.

A more subtle version of the cutaway-style coat with a shorter tail in the back.

The front of this jacket is cut away at the hips, with long tails extending down the back. This style is considered highly formal evening attire.

The traditional black or gray jacket with satin lapels, worn with black dress trousers that have a satin stripe along the seam. The tuxedo is appropriate as formal evening attire and is available in a variety of styles and cuts.

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