Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Hour: Pepper Basil Caipirinha

Pepper Basil Caipirinha

- 2 oz Cachaca muddled
- 1 oz lime
- 1 bar spoon sugar
- 10 basil leaves
- 1 bar spoon white pepper corns
Garnish: Basil leave

Muddle 1 bar spoon of white pepper corns and add sugar, 1 lime quarters and basil leaves. Adde cachaca and 1 oz lime juice. Shake the mixture and strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with sprig of basil. (Cocktail created by Michael Waterhouse, Devin Tavern, 363 Greenwich St, New York NY 10013)
{Source: Cocktail Times}


A said...

We just bought a huge bottle of white peppercorns for Asian dumplings and are growing basil in the backyard... so I will totally have to try this. It's got my kitchen's name on it ;).

Pili said...

Yum! Caipirinhas are nice!

Though I'm more of a mojito person...

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