Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DIY: The Coffee Filter Rose

The Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial

Coffee Filters, preferable cone shaped filters. I couldn't find any so I used regular ones.
Floral Wire, I used 22 gauge.
Floral Tape
Awl or Needle
Water Color Paint
Water for paint
Dowel or something to curl petals

Step 1:
Cut petal shapes in a range of sizes
Cut wire long enough for the stem of the rose
Cut strips of floral tape 1-2'' long until you are sick of cutting (you'll need quite a few of these)

Step 2:
Bend the tip of wire at approximately 1/2''

Step 3:
Roll one of your smallest petals. This will be the center of the flower

Step 4:
Pierce the rolled petal with your awl or needle

Step 5:
Push the wire through the hole in the first petal.

Bend the wire down so it is flat.

Step 6:
Wrap the petal and stem with a strip of floral tape.

Step 7:
Form into petal shape

Pinch the petal at the base to form a slightly convex shape.

You'll do this for all the petals of the rose.

Step 8:

Add more petals using strips of floral tape in a spiral with petal slightly overlapping.

If you are right-handed add in a clockwise fashion.
If you are left-handed add in a counter clockwise fashion.
Later on while shaping the petals with the dowel, this will make things easier.

Now you have an unpainted rose.

Step 9:
Begin painting the rose with water colors. The coffee filters tend to soak up the paint making painting the inside areas easy.

Paint the outside petals working inward towards the center of the rose.


As you paint each petal, curl the tips of the petals with your dowel. I used a double pointed knitting needle that I made too short. The other side of your paintbrush can also work.

It is better to over-curl, since they uncurl a bit while drying.

Continue painting until you are done.
Congratulations! You made your very own coffee filter rose! Now make a gazillion more until you drive yourself insane!



Nicole said...

now that takes some patience!beautiful!!

Karilynnlove said...

Been there done that!
I helped created bouquets for ten bridesmaids two days before the wedding!
We did ours by making petal layers (almost like 4 petals in a circle) instead of one petal at a time!
Also, for those interested in making these in bulk, you can dip them in food coloring for deeper color! We used a big vat and let them soak for twenty minutes then hung them to dry!
Paper roses are beautiful and last forever! I still have my bouquet, and use it for a pretty touch on my desk!

My Dream Ring said...

OMG those are gorgeous! WOWZA!

Katie said...

ooo it's so pretty! well done! i have to try it.xx

Living and Loving In L.A. said...

Oh my gosh! Ican't believe you made all of those! That must have taken forever! Great job, they look amazing, and SO REAL! I can't get over it. Cool post!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I think I might rather put a gun to my head. Beautiful, but no-can-do! :)

Crystal said...

Wow, it looks so lifelike. Never would have thought you could make something so pretty with coffee filters.

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