Friday, August 1, 2008

Wedding Cake!

YAY! WE went cake tasting! Aaron could not wait for this day! We stopped by Marilyn's bake shop in downtown Bighamton! YUMMMMMMMMMMM! She had some saples for us, which Mr. Gibson ate the most of. I took two bites of each and started talking the the wonderful cake lady and when I went in for another bite, the small cake was half gone! I looked @ Aaron, who just happen to wipe the excess frosting from his mouth, and knew where the rest of the cake went! Did I happen to mention our cake tasting was @ 9am! We had a bit of a sugar that morning! anyhoo.. here are the flavors and fillings that we picked:

The cake will be in 4 layers (though, from the looks of it, we're going to have to order more cake) with Buttercream frosting

Starting from the bottom layer
1st layer
- strawberry cake with cream cheese filling
2nd layer - Chocolate cake with Chocolate mousse filling
3rd layer - yellow cake with Chocolate mousse filling
4th Layer - Surprise! We couldn't decide, so we asked the Bake shoppe to surprise us!

Now, I come from a family of cake bakers and decorators, I myself am a certified cake decorator (really.. :o) I have the certificate to prove it.), however I wanted a really simple cake. I think alot of my guests expect an elborate cake! lol.. oh well! Here is a reference picture we left with them, as to what we would like the cake to look like :o)

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